Service & Care Kit - Montesa 4RT

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This kit has been carefully chosen by our team of technicians to help you keep your Montesa 4RT in tip top condition!  We recommend using this kit each time you wash your bike.


  • Silkolene All In One Spray - a maintenance spray which provides a protective layer on key compartments
  • Silkolene Chain Lube Spray - a lubricating spray for the chain
  • Silkolene Pro Prep Spray - a motorcycle friendly silicone based spray which provides a water repellent barrier
  • Silkolene Wash Off - a motorcycle friendly degreaser
  • Silkolene Foam Filter Oil Spray - use this after you have washed your airfilter to stop dust and mud particles getting into the air box
  • NGK CR6EH-9 spark plug
  • HTX740 Elf gear oil
  • Silkolene Pro 4 10W-40 XP engine oil
  • Apico Airfilter
  • Montesa 4RT oil filter
  • Montesa 4RT flywheel cover gasket

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