2022 Honda 4Ride (IN STOCK)

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Ride from your home. Cover any terrain with confident ease. And ride back to your garage. The Cota 4RIDE mixes genuine trials ability—as you’d expect from Montesa—with an off-roader’s comfort and range. It’s one machine to do it all.

Smooth delivery: The 2020 updates to the fuel-injected, four-valve 259cc four-stroke engine include a new engine map and breather, accompanied by same bash plate design installed on the World Championship machine.

Taller gearing: Sometimes you need to make reasonable progress on faster terrain; the 4RIDE’s 5-speed gearbox features a taller ratio adding versatility and the ability to cover ground quickly. The taller gearing, 4.3L fuel tank - and the engine’s fuel efficiency - all work together to extend riding time between fill-ups.

Underseat storage: If you’re out riding all day then a little onboard carrying capacity is useful to have. The 4RIDE features easy-to-access under seat storage for a lightweight jacket, gloves or anything else you need to enjoy your adventure. Sometimes it’s the smallest details that make the biggest difference…

All-day comfort: With a seat height of 885mm and weight of just 83kg the slim 4RIDE is one of the easiest off-roaders out there to manage. And its high-quality construction includes a twin-spar aluminium frame, long travel 39mm TECH telescopic fork and R16V rear shock operating through Pro-Link, both adjustable for spring preload and compression damping.

Robust elegance: The Cota 4RIDE is beautifully finished and stands out in a crowd with its red and white colour scheme against blacked-out wheel rims and aluminium frame. Bolder white accenting on the headlight protector and radiator shrouds, plus dual red stripes on the rear mudguard, keep its looks razor-sharp.

Limitless off-road experience: Care and attention to detail is the Montesa difference. Every seam or weld is a work of art and it’s the vast experience - only gathered over time - that goes into producing some of the finest trials bikes in the world. The Cota 4RIDE is the latest in a long line of special machines.

Reinventing off-road: Nobody likes constraints. Which is where the Cota 4RIDE comes in. It has a trials bike’s ability – thanks to a strong and smooth 259cc four-stroke engine, twin-spar aluminium frame, Showa 39mm TECH front fork and Pro-Link rear shock – but also a comfortable seat and riding position, extended suspension travel and 4.3L fuel tank plus headlight and taillight. Because, after all, who knows where the trail leads? Go find out on the Cota 4RIDE.

No boundaries: See that climb? Impossible they say. Not on the Cota 4RIDE. When it’s time to really explore, and stray well off the beaten track, it has the performance DNA to soar, finding grip where others slide or spin.  Stop, take a look around. The stunning view is courtesy of nature and millennia passed, but the fact you’re there to enjoy it, after just a few hours in the saddle is down to you and the Cota 4RIDE. Take a minute - enjoy it. You’ve earnt it.

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