2023 EM Escape R (AVAILABLE NOW)

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Escape R

The Escape “R” is the ultimate weapon for touring and extreme freeriding.

With its ultra-high-end equipment, lines and design, the Escape “R” is geared towards off-road riding.

The 2023 model goes even further, now with the TKO (Tick Over) as standard, the latest performance innovation made in EM, but also the PRB ”R” (optional).

It also has a European type approval allowing you to take full advantage of this motorcycle.

With this brand-new version, the adventure is now taken to the extreme.

Go beyond the borders and live the adventure with the Escape “R”…


Coming directly from the competition department, the Escape "R" is equipped with TKO (Tick Over), a major innovation for rider service. With 6 Maps supplied including 3 with TKO, you are free to activate or deactivate it to get the best out of your EM bike.