2023 EM Epure Race (AVAILABLE NOW)

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The TOP One

The 2023 Epure Race is the proof that an electric motorbike is as good as a combustion one today. With its diaphragm clutch, power, acceleration, traction and lightness, this bike has all the features riders would expect.

More dynamic with its new Reiger 2-way shock absorber, the Epure Race 2023 gains in traction and precision.

2023 new feature, the “Anti-Reverse” technology which allows to block the rear wheel in extreme conditions for more safety.

The Epure Race has no limits… except those of its rider.


Concerning the 2023 EM models, this year, one of the major features of the 2023 EM range is the Anti-Reverse (available on all EM models).

This innovation allows to block the rear wheel in extreme conditions for more safety; it will avoid going backwards by activating the PRB (Progressive Regenerative Brake).

The new 2023 EM models include many improvements and new features as:

* a new maps settings for more efficiency, more traction and more power
* a new brake pedal tip with an improved ergonomy and quality
* a new Domino throttle to improve the power control and sensitivity for more precision
* a new frame colour (metallic grey)

Our best seller, the Epure Race, is now equipped with a Reiger 2 Way rear shock absorber (hydraulic and spring settings) and a new flywheel for more inertia and more power at high rpm.

Moreover, both of our top range models, 2023 Epure Race and Escape "R" are also equipped with :

* a new clutch and clutch piston for more reactivity, better strength et much torque
* the TKO (Tick Over) on 3 maps instead of 2
* a new EM by Neken handlebar