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This immaculate 2021 EM Epure Race has seen very little use by an over 50s rider due to ill health. We sold it brand new and as you can see by the tyres; it gives you a good indication of the number of times it's been ridden.


The EM epure race has a hydraulic diaphram clutch, 3 modes of power as standard, converting to: 125cc, 250cc or 300cc at a push of a button... there is also the option of adding a school boy map which limits the power by 50%, so the 3 modes then equate to: 50cc, 80cc or 100cc... so a bike that really can keep all the family happy with a huge smile on their face.


Grip is amazing and battery will last between 3.5 -5 hours of constant trials riding. 100's of customer's around the country trial on the EM and normally finish with between 45-65% left on the battery at the end of the trial.


Battery's come with 2 years warranty and 12 months on the bike, this bike was sold new on 22.8.22, so still some manufacturer's warranty left on the battery.


EM's are manufactured in France with quality being their number 1 priority, so buy in confidence with this fantastic bike that will blow your mind.


Due to the influx of part exchanges recently, our workshop is extremely busy and has 6 weeks work ahead of them.  As a result we are giving customers the opportunity to purchase the bikes as they have come into us at a lot cheaper price thus saving the customer money and giving them the budget if needed to carry out any work they wish to do on the bike in the comfort of their own garage.

These bikes are sold as seen!  At the point of purchase our staff will be able to highlight any work they would advise to be done to the bike to bring them up to our usual standard.

Please call one of our friendly team on 01200 448130 for more details and to arrange a viewing.